About Us

aziendaWHO WE HARE

We are specialized in Classic style home furniture; our customer/ market orientation, a deep market knowledge through decades of experience, our craftsmanship even thanks to a production chain of undoubted capacity make part of our imprinting.

Attention to detail, attention to service, product customization strong capacity are the key that Mobis Ltd. uses to meet the needs of customers, providing them the necessary to enhance their values​​, perceptions of themselves and the world around them.


In a market characterized by fragmentation and offer excesses, Mobis sees the opportunity to address those customers interested in MADE IN ITALY fine furniture with  a price that allows bilateral value creation.


Among Classic Style home furniture Mobis Ltd. is focused on those customers particularly sensitive to a product of aesthetic and functional results, but at the same time grants a mutual benefit exchange in economic terms.


Passion for beauty, quality as emotion, ethics as building long-term value, all of them are the values we inspire ourselves and with whom we commit ourselves everyday for a full customer satisfaction, with particular attention to functional, ornamental and service aspects, granting products designed to improve home life quality.


In a product Quality  is not what’s inside, but what the customer gets it.”

Keep, therefore, the products with the same care that we have dedicated ourselves to the ideation and implementation.